Seeking a mentor in Data Science

I am seeking a mentor to guide me in the field of data science. I hope to get learning opportunities, technical direction, trends, and networking opportunities.

I recently discovered my passion for gathering and making decisions with data is actually a mature field (data science). A few of the ideas i’d previously worked on that involve data science concepts are

  • An Electronic Health Record System : A central store of present and historical medical data that grants hospitals access to patients medical records upon arrival, removing the need for additional medical tests.
  • An intelligent traffic control system: A system for optimizing the behavior of traffic lights using data gathered from its immediate environment to determine the traffic light behavior at intersections.
  • A contact recollection application: An application that lets you remember details of people you just shared contacts with by storing and looking up additional data points e.g. (where you met, pictures you took around that time, their pictures off the internet, Linkedin details etc).

I’ve taken the following steps to prepare myself for entering the data science field including

I am hoping for a 30 minute conversation every 2 weeks to discuss your counsel regarding areas I should address over electronic channels. I would put together a meeting agenda for each get-together, make a list of any follow-up items that came out of our discussions, complete the action items during the next two weeks, and report back on my progress.

Thanks for considering my request.


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