The morning after fire struck 

Woke up this morning at my friend’s/neighbor’s (UO and EV-A) with a little more body pains than usual. The sound of the night had been replaced by their neighbor’s generator noise and I’d slept in starts and fits, Hypno’s work routinely interrupted by the thoughts of the incidence the day before.
My work day had been truncated by my phone ringing by 2:40 with a phone call from a strange number. My building’s guard was on the end of the line and he broke the news to me that my flat was currently on fire. After asking him to affirm what he meant, he mentioned that he’d seen smoke coming from my flat and I needed to get home quickly to open the door so they could get in. We’d thankfully left the key hidden somewhere on the staircase and after disclosing the location to him and confirming he’d taken the key, I got off the call and reached out to my flatmate(CE). I’d been with Tosin who’d immediately called the Lagos emergency service line (767) and provided them the necessary information. I hailed a cab and immediately headed home, alternating between calls to TO, CE and the guard till I was able to confirm the firemen had arrived.

I got home and found the compound filled with people from the neighborhood. My neighbors had evacuated almost all their property and cars out of the premises. After 3 firetrucks, the firemen had put out the fire and were spotting and spraying the parts of the roof that had embers to prevent the fire from starting again. The fire which began in my flatmate’s room had mostly been contained there, however as the roof had started burning, it had spread to my room and the sitting room consuming parts of the portions of the roof that protected them. I provided the necessary details, and spoke with the fire marshal who mentioned the fire started sequel to an electrical surge

My flatmate’s room was totally razed and he lost virtually everything and was only able to salvage a couple of fire singed documents. My documents and books mostly suffered water damage however most of my clothing were either damaged by the fire or the fire extinguishing activities. I just went over to pick up my Garri, the shirts I have left and slowly but surely, I’ll pick up the remaining pieces of my stuff and start again.


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