What i learnt in 2015

2015 was a whirlwind year. I’ve listed some of the highlights of the year here.

  1. I started to search for, experience and enjoy art. It relaxes me and often serves as a good place to meet people/have a date.
    1. I’ve consciously started to notice art and even gone out of my way to experience and participate.
    2. I attended my first play(what do men want) as well as King Baabu, bananas and groundnut and wakaa.
    3. I attended a few dance events(all by YKprojects) and hope to participate in them going forward. I especially loved Iwalewa(a dance that featured people with physical disability)
    4. I went to a few galleries/exhibitions and experienced both paintings and sculpture. I especially loved Africano Interpretations(an artist’s rendition inspired by the songs in Lagbaja’s Africano album)
  2. I made some decisions about my philosophy of life
    1. I stopped being religious. I grew up as a Christian, and even when I stopped believing, I always went to church. Early in the year, I decided to stop believing or accepting any religious explanation/ascription until I actually understand and believe it’s message. The keyword is until
    2. I started evaluating different philosophies. I’ve just read “A guide to the Good Life” which explained the philosophy of Stoicism. Stoicism is looking like¬† a really good candidate.
  3. I decided how to handle my relationships with people.
    1. I won’t change who I am because some I encounter some people with different approaches to life than mine. I’ll simply change my behavior to meet the person where he/she is.
    2. I accepted the fact that I can’t get/go out with everybody I have feelings for. Lots of girls have some of the things I like and it’s much too stressful to chase after everybody that matches my specs. I also tweaked my specs towards a lot of altruism and a lively personality.
    3. I’ve met a lot of people and have started to hang out a lot more. I’ve also discovered some really chill places in lagos(Not the beer and fish type of places) where you can escape from all the craze and noise(and meet pretty chill people). The expats seem to know all the chill places(ask them).
  4. I discovered and explored some awesome ideas, people and themes
    1. Charlie munger
    2. Stoicism(the purpose of life is tranquility)
    3. Filial piety
    4. Reading in lounges(Cafe Neo, Araba)
  5. I made some decisions about the future
    1. I moved out of my parent’s at the beginning of the year, as the transit time was too long. It was a really good decision that has let me grow and take full accountability for my self, time and resources. My flatmate is pretty awesome/chill and we get along very well.
    2. I’ve decided what I’ll like to explore professionally for the next few years(data science) . I’ve sort of had an idea about it for a long time, but labelled it systems engineering. I’m particularly interested in the intersection between data science and spatial computing and would like to professionally explore it.
  6. I enjoyed the following media
    1. Songs
      1. Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” album
      2. Somi’s “Lagos jazz salon” album
      3. Fela’s discography
      4. Pharrell William’s “freedom”
      5. Major Lazer’s “powerful “
    2. Movies
      1. Begin Again
      2. The other woman
      3. Still alice
      4. About time
      5. Begin Again
      6. Hugo
      7. People like us
      8. Rush
      9. Senna
      10. Moneyball
      11. Sex ed
      12. Southpaw
      13. The best of me
      14. The fault in our stars
      15. The physician
      16. The wolf of wall Street
      17. Wild tales
      18. 71
      19. A walk to remember
      20. Lawless
      21. Les Miserables
      22. October 1
      23. Sleeping with other people
      24. The imitation game
      25. Thunderbolt
      26. Two Night stand
    3. Documentaries
      1. The men who built America
      2. The psychology of human misjudgement
  7. I took a ton of classes online. I started the data science specialization as well as the big data specialization on Coursera. Failed some courses severally(i failed on twice and another thrice), but I’m committed to mastering the necessary skill set to practice data analytics. I also created notes for all of them for my reference. The specifics of my professional development this year includes
    1. MITx
      1. Challenging the challenges of Big data
    2. Microsoft
      1. Microsoft SQL server 2012: Querying
      2. Administering SQL server 2012 databases
    3. Coursera
      1. Data science Specialization
        1. R programming
        2. The data scientist’s toolbox
        3. Getting and cleaning data
        4. Exploratory data analysis
        5. Reproducible research
        6. Statistical Inference (failed twice, but was very interesting)
      2. Big Data Specialization
        1. Introduction to big data
        2. Hadoop platform and application framework
  8. The most important thing I learnt is that my mind isn’t made up about anything yet. (Charlie Munger says that we should treat our skills/thoughts as tools. If a better one comes you way, simply drop the ones you’re holding on to and pick the new ones up.) I could unlearn/change my mind about any if the things on this list. It’s my life and I take full responsibility for its outcomes.

Finally, the postilion blog got 1100 visitors. I should really get to work on posting more updates, especially with a focus on the intersection of BI and postilion.