I’ve recently come across a series #letterToMyCrush on Alariwo.org.
It inspired me to write one. It’s still a work in progress, but here it is

I’ve got Sara bareilles “love song” playing in my head, and a good part of me pulling my pen from the paper, but cupid and happiness will have the last say.
I remember the first time we met, you initiated and we had the briefest conversation. I didn’t ask for your number I’ve got a lot of them I’m not doing anything with. Got down from the bus and I stalked you for a bit on facebook. Imagine my surprise when I discovered you worked down the street. Got your number and we started talking.
We hung out at a café and i remember getting more cake on myself/the table than in my mouth. That pretty smile framed in your gorgeous face, oh my!! I was nervous af. Hung out a couple more times and it was the same swooning feeling(guess I can’t help it when I’m around you).
We’re having issues communicating, as I’m sure my heart beats extra fast when you’re on the line. Heart aracing, mouth amumbling(John Mayer’s “My stupid mouth” playing in my head), i can’t seem to get across to you. To simply say that “I want to be there for you”, “we’re all imperfect ” and ” I really like you”. To serenade you with Frank Sinatra’s “I’m your man”.
You’re with someone else and I hope he feels something stronger than what I do. I hope he stares into your eyes and sees your inner beauty. I hope he sees through all the drama and sees you’re just looking for happiness.
I’ve decided that I’d rather be happy than right and here’s my stab at happiness.

P.S I really really really like you