What i learnt in 2013

We’re all going through different stuff, and everyone hides their’s behind masks. Make time for people. All that absence makes the heart grow fonder is BS. The reality is out of sight, out of mind. If they’re important, spemd time with them,

It’s okay to be scared amd clueless. We were all like that once.

The least actions are greater than the best intentions. If you keep hoping to give the world, they will have moved on when you have it. The small things matter as much as the big things.

I’ve learnt to not always over think things. The 3 second rule is quite good. Actually, I’m still learning that.

I’ve learnt to question everything and not accept things as they are. I also learnt not to judge before understanding. It’s quite silly if you judge something before you understand its purpose and circumstance

I’ve learnt just how silly the rat race actually is. Even if you win, you’re still a rat. I’m going to have to keep moving and taking risks. The uncharted path might have the greenest grass.

I’m learning that it’s too easy and quite silly to complain. Either accept things or change them. Life’s too short to spend time complaining when you can be enjoying it if you try to.

I’ve learnt never to run from problems but to face them squarely. Sometimes you find that they’re solved when you get there and other times, you eventually get them solved and astound yourself. You don’t know how much you have in you till you try. I’ve learnt to smile through problems. It makes it easier to get help, and it makes you appear strong.

I’ve learnt not too share problems until you’ve shared time and solutions. People have too much problems by themselves. Reciprocal help works much better.

Finally, I learnt to be happy with what I have. Too many people have nothing to be ungrateful for my plenty. Wishing you all a wonderful new year.


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