Helpful Notions For Solving Problems(a search for better methods of thought)

  • It is usually best to simplify problems by deciding big no-brainer questions first
  • Scientific reality is often only revealed by math(as if it was the language of God). Without numerical fluency, you are like a one-legged man in an asset kicking contest.
  • It is not enough to think problems through forward, you must also think in reverse(invert, always invert).
  • The best and most practical wisdom is elementary academic wisdom. However you must think in a multidisciplinary manner using all easy to learn concepts from the freshman course in every basic subject. You must do the multidisciplinary thinking in the manner "if you want it done, go. If not, send."
    • Relying entirely on others even professional advice in your thinking will cause you much calamity. It’s not his conscious intent that bring you down, but the subconscious bias inherent in him.
  • Really big (LOLLAPALOOZA) effects and will often come only from large combinations of factors.


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